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Andrew and Barbara Jo

What happens when your photographer doesn't show up on your big day? Well, after a myriad of emotions come over you, you improvise. Which is exactly what Andrew and Barbara Jo did on their wedding day. All of their friends started taking photos of the day to capture it for them, which ended up being just as memorable.

When I learned this was what went down, I had already been itching to do some early spring shooting on Lumpy Ridge in Rocky Mountain National Park. Then inspiration struck, "Hey do you two want to do a redo of your day in photos?" I offered. They loved the idea and we set up an improv styled shoot within the next week. By improv styled shoot, I really just mean that I went to Safeway and stared at flowers for about a half an hour, came home and stared at amazon dresses for another two hours, and then sent them a day that might work for all of us on Facebook messenger. It's about as basic as styled shoots get, which worked out because they are about of laid back as I am.

A month down the road and I'm finally finishing their edits and I've got to say these two are definitely made for each of. They have so much chemistry... it's ridiculous. I love it.

Take a look for yourself.

P.S. This time around had the added bonus of being able to include their little one, Ian. Ian is the cutest nature loving, mini fly fisherman around! 

Wear your emotion.

I try not to have favorites. At least publicly. They make things messy, but more importantly...

they make you feel guilty.

Lets face it favorites happen. Although for my it's less of who than a what.

My favorite thing is seeing people wear their emotions with pride on their wedding day.

Don't worry about squinting eyes or a gaping mouth, just go with it. Nothing makes a photo more beautiful than looking into it and feeling real, raw, messy emotion.

One example of a wonderfully expressive couple sticks out to me immediately.

A wedding I seconded on why working with Vow Studios at Cielo at Castle Pines, Colorado.

Meet R


R is one of those quiet and shy brides who has the most infectious of smiles.

This is R's father, I caught him sitting on the stairs waiting to be able to see his daughter in her dress.


This is J, the groom. He is one of those guys that can't help but make sure everyone around him is happy and taken care of.


This is their first kiss as husband and wife.


This is R's father and new husband making sure she can make it ok to our bridal portrait area.


This is the magic that ensued when these lovebirds made it to our bridal portrait spot.


Make your wedding photos perfect and don't forget to wear you real emotions.

Why do I offer a lower price to New York if I live in Colorado?

This is my mom.


Her name is Pat and she has Alzheimer's Disease. Her disease is aggressive and early on-set.

When I moved to Colorado I didn't have a clue that she would be facing this challenge in her life, and to be honest it scares me. Really scares me.

My wedding day signified a lot of new revelations in my life. The most difficult was it was the day I came to grips with her disease.

 Yes on my wedding day. This is the moment her disease became distressingly clear to me.

 Photo thanks to Janea Smith

Photo thanks to Janea Smith

Look at her smile. That's the same smile she gives us when she tells us she's fine and that it's not that hard losing her memories, or that she has decided to write a book so she can remember her life later.

This lady would give up everything for her kids to be happy and does.

She knows how much I love living in Colorado and what a special place it is for me. She does not encourage me to move home because she wants me to accomplish my dreams.

One way I'm able to she her more without her getting upset with me for worrying about her or her thinking that I'm neglecting my aspirations, is to go for work.

So I offer an incentive for the wonderful people of New York to book me by charging a lower rate.

Is it good business? Maybe not.


However, my business and my life are centered around memories.

I capture yours in photographs and I encourage my mothers' with presence.  

Halloween harmony

Do you really like Halloween? As in love Halloween?

Love it enough to get married on Halloween?

Well, these two do and did.

I have to admit, I didn't know what to expect when driving down to second shoot this amazing day. I was thinking I would either be walking into a full blown hocus pocus scene or a masquerade ball. What I saw when I arrived, was a tasteful blend of Halloween fun and classic wedding glamour.

Take a peak at a few of my favorites from their amazing day at Cielo at Castle Pines

Mike and Joanne

Find a hidden gem venue alert.

Mike and Joanne chose to have their wedding at the Mt. Vernon event center in Golden Colorado. I have to admit when I was on the way to the venue, I passed by it.


Yes, it's that low key.

I didn't have over the moon expectations when unpacking my gear. I thought, "I have to get ready to put in a little extra work with staging here." Then I walked in and was so happy I got to have yet another amazing day of second shooting with Vow Studios.

What a wonderful little venue! The inside reminded me of Mary Poppins bag, looked small but holy crap was it big inside! In the back, it had and adorable garden themed wedding area. It's probably still one of my favorites of the year, if not ever.

When you add in a beautiful group of people and some perfectly quaint details. BOOM!

Wedding magic.

New York, Simply

Hayley and Austin

are two of those ever so "rare" New York country folk(You'll know that's a joke if you're from CNY). Even more rare these days, they started dating as pre-teens! Yes, I typed that correctly, these two started dating in middle school. Now after college, they have tied the knot! Marrying my best friend, has never been used more accurately.

Hayley is a hard-working farm girl and Austin a volunteer fire fighter, so budget was a significant factor for them. Did they let their budget stop them? Not in the least bit!

Almost everything at this wedding was handmade or upcycled. Their aisle markers were old maple syrup collecting tins, old sprayed paint wine bottles held table arrangements, and scrap pieces of wood came together for cake stands and centerpieces. It was one of the most heartfelt, small-town weddings I've been apart of.  It's amazing what creativity and time can do accomplish, when mixed with the right team of people.

As a photographer, this wedding was one of my most challenging to date. The weather was hot, humid, and full sun. It was a stifling 99 degrees Fahrenheit for most of the day... in September. I couldn't believe it.

Being farm folk they had to have the wedding mid-day, so that guests, the father of the bride included, could take a break from the wedding to attend to evening chores. Full-mid-day-sun is quite the challenge, even with flash, to achieve a set of flattering photos. I think the day went smashingly, even with the obstacles!

I loved this wedding almost as much as I love them. I know they are going to have a beautiful, fulfilling marriage.

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